Oshino Hakkai

  Seeking variations on the views of Mt. Fuji can fill a lifetime, but there is certainly one view which should not be missed. Oshino Hakkai in Yamanashi Prefecture offers views of Fuji-san against the foreground of its eight crystal clear ponds which are fed from the water of Fuji’s melted snow. Travelling miles underground…

Waterfall Climbing in Hanno

For an off-the-beaten-path summer activity, head out to Saitama to the foothills above the bedroom community of Hanno and discover not only beautiful waterfalls, but waterfalls you can climb. Well, perhaps with some experience or an experienced guide who can anchor a rope for you while you scale waterfalls between 3 and 15 meters high….

Tohoku Week – Shichigahama

Shichigahama sits south of the ruggedly scenic Matsushima Bay and north of the city of Sendai. Known for its fishing waters and as a summer vacation haven, Shichigahama attracts visitors from around Japan for its natural beauty. Void of the many islands protecting the coast in Matsushima Bay, several of its beaches are popular with local surfers….

桃の花 Peach Blossoms

The poor peach tree is often overshadowed by its more famous cousin, the cherry tree, but observing the peach blossoms in season is probably more delightful and less crowded. However, you may have to take a train to the city of Fuefuki in Yamanashi prefecture, about 2 hours west of Tokyo. We recommend Marukita Hanamomoen (Japanese…

紅葉 Autumn Leaves

Like the blossoming of the cherry trees in the Spring, the turning of the leaves from green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red in the Autumn are an event that enthralls the entire country of Japan. There are entire websites and magazines dedicated to predicting the best times to view the fall foliage…